DGL Laboratory

Over more than 15 years, independent DGL Laboratory has gained the diamond industry’s confidence by offering high-quality solutions, a highly reputable lab, as well as massive in-house expertise and experience.

DGL Laboratory offers a wide range of services and equipment geared for the use of diamond and jewellery professionals as well as for the diamond and jewellery buying public. These are provided by its various divisions:

  • Diamond Lab is charged with confirming the authenticity of diamonds, and describing their quality characteristics. It issues one of the world’s most respected diamond certificates.
  • Research consists of a team of scientists, engineers and laboratory staff who carry out fundamental and applied research for the diamond industry, as well as provide specialised services to the sector.

Protecting Diamond buyers

In a relentless pursuit of consumer protection, DGL is the only diamond grading and certification laboratory, both in Australia and worldwide, to provide a 100% consumer guarantee that a diamond certified by the DGL Laboratory is an accurately graded natural diamond.

The Diamond Certification laboratory of Australia is equipped with the most advanced diamond technology and equipment in Australia. All diamonds submitted to the DGL laboratory are individually identified and tested to International Diamond Council standards, ensuring that the diamond has not been treated or enhanced in any way, and are of natural origin.

The DGL Diamond Grading Certificate assures the owner that the diamond is free of all known diamond treatments and diamond enhancements. The DGL Certificate confirms that the diamond is a natural diamond and not a man-made synthetic diamond. DGL state of the art cold laser inscription system permanently links the diamond to the DGL Diamond Grading Certificate, providing added confidence without altering or damaging the diamond in any way.